IPR enforcement workshop for Bangladesh Police officials

To ensure effective enforcement of the existing intellectual property rights act and encourage innovation and creativity, a training workshop was held on February 12, 2014 in Dhaka city.

Cultural Affairs Secretary Ranjit Kumar Biswas ndc, chief guest at the workshop, said, “Law enforcement agencies should be made more aware of the IPR situation in Bangladesh. It will generate awareness among the people. Public and private entities together should play their due role.”

Discussants expressed that, people involved in the vicious cycle of piracy are unaware of the consequences of copyright violation. Active involvement of the law enforcement agencies would reduce the piracy rate in the country and ensure proper evaluation of the citizens’ creative minds, they added.

The workshop was organized for the Bangladesh Police by Bangladesh Copyright and IP Forum (BIPF) and the Copyright Office. Representatives from the Bangladesh Police, officials from Copyright Office, representatives from government agencies, officials from BIPF and Business Software Alliance (BSA) participated in the training workshop.

Awareness drive conducted to stop software piracy

To prevent the unauthorized use, reproduction and distribution of pirated software and computer programs, Copyright Office, Bangladesh has conducted an awareness drive, in association with Bangladesh Copyright & IP Forum (BIPF). The drive was conducted at the capital’s BCS Computer City, Agargaon and Multiplan Centre, Elephant Road on December 30, 2013 by officials of Copyright Office and BIPF.

While addressing the journalists, Registrar Manzur Morshed Chowdhury said, “We are conducting this awareness drive as part of the regular activities of Copyright Office. We have spoken to several IT professionals and businessmen and have called upon them to stop commercializing pirated software and computer programs.”

“Accurate enforcement of Copyright Law will stop the ongoing illegal vending of pirated software. This will ensure the innovators and creators of their due credits and also inspire software developers to be more innovative in their field”, added Barrister Mishbah.

Copyright Office, Bangladesh circulated a leaflet on software piracy awareness during their drive at the premises.

The two-day long workshop was attended by eminent members of literary and creative field.

IPR awareness workshop for judiciary officials

Effective enforcement of existing intellectual property rights in the country will facilitate the creative and innovative community. To ensure the inducing environment, both government and non-government entities should come forward and work together.

A day long training workshop titled “Copyright Protection & Enforcement in Bangladesh” was conducted in this regard on 29 December, 2013 in capital’s Lakeshore Hotel, Gulshan. Bangladesh Copyright & IP Forum along with Copyright Office, Bangladesh jointly organized the workshop.

Secretary to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs Dr. Ranjit Kumar Biswas ndc was the Chief Guest at the workshop. Among others, Registrar of Copyright Office Bangladesh Manzur Morshed Chowdhury, Chief Executive of BIPF Barrister A B M Hamidul Mishbah, Deputy Managing Director of Probashi Kollyan Bank & Copyright Expert Md. Manzurur Rahman, Country Manager of Microsoft Bangladesh Pubude Basanayake and Consultant to Business Software Alliance (BSA) Iftekhar Taher Tanvir were present.

Magistrates, District and Session Judges, Public Prosecutors, officials from Copyright Office, Bangladesh, Microsoft Bangladesh, BSA and BIPF attended the workshop.

Stop piracy to protect our music industry, urge musicians

Local lead musicians and music composers called upon fellow artistes, fans and media to support their fight against the widespread culture of music piracy in Bangladesh. The call came at an event titled “Music Piracy in Bangladesh: Challenges and Remedy” organised by BIPF, Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (Bamba) and LCS (lyricists, composers, singers) Guild, on 14 September, 2013 at the EMK Centre, Dhaka.

Representatives from various organisations attended, including LCS Guild’s President, singer and composer Alauddin Ali, BIPF Chairman Kazi Zahin Hasan and CE ABM Hamidul Mizbah, Bamba President Hamin Ahmed, Co-President Fuad Nasser Babu and former president Maqsoodul Haque. Haque said, since 2007, major bands had stopped releasing albums because they were not given the proper rights to their music.

Music piracy in Bangladesh currently costs the industry $180m (nearly Tk14bn) in lost earnings, with only 5-10% of the total market consisting of legal music purchases, according to a 2008 research by Havocscope, a global black market data more

The debate swings both ways, with retailers often claiming they have full rights over the music, if it is bought by them from musicians. On the other hand, musicians and composers argue it is their exclusive property, and so, the credit must be attributed at all times.

“Our right to creativity is absolute and you must acknowledge them,” said Hamin Ahmed. “Just because we give them the rights to sell, [it] does not give them ownership over our work.” Fuad Nasser pointed out that due emphasis on the existing laws could protect musicians’ rights.

Speakers, however, lauded a recent report on the music trade by Channel 24, which documented details of how musicians are robbed of due credit to their music. Copyright Adviser Manzurur Rahman focused on the lack of awareness about the issue, and urged fans and the media to collaborate with the BIPF to support artistes to retain their rights to their creative works.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

BIPF to offer legal consultancy to inventors

Bangladesh Copyright and Industrial Property Forum (BIPF) has taken fresh initiative to give pro bono legal advice to the inventors in different fields to protect their Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). BIPF announced this at the launching event of ‘IP Plus Law Clinic’ at a city hotel on Saturday.

Under this initiative, IP Plus Law Clinic will serve the start-up business, innovators and creative communities for settling their sector relevant legal and business issues.

Organisers said innovative people are deprived of getting proper value of their creations due to lack of strict enforcement of the IPRs Act. Extensive infringement of IPRs have discouraged creativity and deprived artistic works of their real economic value and protection of originality, they mentioned.

‘We will provide the intellectual property holders with legal and consultancy support. We have many creative minds in our country and implementation of the proposed copyright law will help us to boost more innovations,’ said forum’s president Kazi Zahin Hassan at a briefing at the Sonargaon Hotel in the capital.

IP Plus executive director ABM Hamidul Mishbah said the creative people were less aware of the legal system and they needed support to make their innovation sustainable.

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